Twin Babies Who Suffered Serious Burns In Fire Return Home

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Still wrapped in gauze, twin babies who suffered serious burns after being trapped in a fire are now out of the hospital.

We told you about the rescue in Whitley County earlier this week. Family members ran through flames at a home just outside of Williamsburg to pull the infants to safety.

The twins, Colt and Zoey Stephens who turned nine-months-old Thursday were trapped in a room with their 2-year-old brother, Andrew, next to where the fire started.

Colt and Zoey, both suffered first and second degree burns, on their arms, hands, legs and ears.

"We are just so thankful it wasn't worse, I still want to cry," said Annie Chambers, the twin's mother.

Annie and the infant's father, Joe Stephens, said while their home is a total loss, they are thankful no lives were lost. And they say they have a new appreciation for life.

"It's still really hard," said Joe. "I can't sleep, I can't eat, I just keep hearing my babies screaming."

Joe also suffered second degree burns on his arms and hands, as did his mother.

Doctors expect the twins will make a full recovery, as long as there are no infections.

At this time, while the fire is still under investigation, fire officials believe a lit cigarette is the cause of Monday mornings fire. But the family believes something or someone else is to blame.

If you would like to help the Stephens family you can call area code (606) 549-4116.

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