Dry Weather Brings Out Aggressive Wasps

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Wasp populations peak during the late summer and early fall. Many are searching for food for the winter and are becoming very aggressive.

Dry conditions has contributed to the frequent insect sightings as they search for sugars during the daytime.

Dr. Chris Christensen, Pres. Urban Insect Solutions, says, "They're after sugars...You go to a picnic and they are eating hamburgers with you and getting into soda cans..."

Unlike honey bees, wasps and yellow jackets can sting multiple times and their poison could be deadly.

Lisa Bishop, Lexington resident, says, " It's so nice out. People are out and I've noticed them around trash cans. They must be drawn to the smells and the drinks."

If you are stung by these insects, you should seek medical attention immediately. Also, if you do encounter a wasp problem on your property, professional removal is advised.

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