Powell County Schools Locked Down During Manhunt

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Powell County authorities say 23-year-old Edward Hall was working at the Clay City transfer station when he escaped, possibly with the help of his girlfriend.

Police want to speak with Cassie Lewis, the girlfriend of the escapee, saying she might be driving his get-away car.

Hall was just 4 months into a 5 year sentence for burglary and theft and Thursday was his first day of the work release program.

Hall was seen walking back and forth from one building to another and then witnesses say he walked into the woods behind the building.

Police used dogs to try and find the scent, which led them a parking lot behind the transfer station. It's believed Hall had a car waiting for him and Lewis could have been driving.

Powell County deputies then made a phone call to the school district who immediately put all schools on lock-down beginning at 11:20 on Thursday just as a precaution.

Schools remained on lock-down for the entire day.

Police continue to search for the escaped inmate, Edward Hall.

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