Judge Denies Injunction On Early Release Program

The state of Kentucky will be allowed to continue letting inmates out of prison early, at least for now.

On Friday afternoon a Franklin County judge denied the Attorney General's request to stop the program.

The Department of Corrections started the early release program to save the state money, but the Attorney General says it was unconstitutional because it allowed credits retroactively

Last week, the two sides went to court and the judge had until Friday to make a decision and used that time to decide that there is not enough reason to stop the state's prison early release program.

Basically, some prisoners could and will get extra credit and be let out earlier than planned.

The decision was released by the judge, saying there was good reason to consider not allowing an early release program but not enough to grant an injunction.

A hearing will be held on November 10th to listen to arguments on if officials are properly applying parole credit toward inmates sentences.

Already, thousands of inmates and parolees including murders, sex offenders and thieves have been released ahead of their scheduled sentence based on the new "street credit" calculation.

A temporary injunction is already in place in Rockcastle, Pulaski and Lincoln counties.

The attorney general's office says it is disappointed the judge did not issue a temporary ban but is pleased a hearing is now set to discuss the issue more.

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