Culprits Caught On Tape; Owner Needs Help

The wheels of justice aren't turning nearly fast enough to suit the owner of The Olde Bus Station restaurant in Harrodsburg.

Two men stole money from her shop. The pair broke in during the early morning hours last Sunday, and seemed to know right where to go to find the cash.

"It was sitting here on the desk, and they did get the envelope. It was deposits for that day, about $700 and some checks. They knew where things were located," said Lora Hill, the owner.

Hill hopes someone can help police identify the culprits.

"I would have thought that they would have got someone by now, but hopefully, this will jolt someone's memory or help us figure out who they are," said Hill.

The thieves destroyed the cash register, which had only 62 cents worth of change left in it, and Hill was surprised they didn't take every dime.

"I've been here for 10 years. It's not been an overnight success. I've struggled and struggled, and it bothers me that there's people out there who won't even get a job. They think they can take it away from me. I want em caught," said Hill.

If you recognize either of the robbers, call Harrodsburg police immediately. Crime stoppers is offering up to a $300 reward for information leading to the arrest of the two suspects.

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