Police Resume Search For Missing Woman

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Police are once again searching for a missing central Kentucky woman.

Patricia Last hasn't been seen since Friday night.

Friends of Patricia Last say she was at her home in Woodford County Friday night around midnight, and they haven't heard from her since then.

Friend Donna Nabors says she went to Last's home on Saturday evening when another friend said they hadn't heard from her. She found her door unlocked, and her keys, cell phone, and credit cards inside.

She says it isn't like Patricia Last to leave without telling anyone and friends are worried something has happened to her.

They say she was recently served with divorce papers and planned to move, but wouldn't have left without telling them, or leaving behind her 75 horses and other animals on her 80 acre farm.

Versailles Police searched the area on foot and from the air but they haven't found any sign of the 65-year old.

Police were back up in the air on Tuesday, using a helicopter to try to locate Last.

If you know her whereabouts, you're asked to call Versailles Police at 859-873-3126.

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