Burglar Tunnels Into Store And Hits At Least Two Others

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Three business owners are banding together after becoming targets of a thief.

They were hit late Sunday night or early Monday morning. All three are located off Southland Drive in Lexington.

The owner of "Pro Printers" was the first to notice someone attempted to break in with a crow bar, but it seems the criminal got discouraged and moved on to a neighboring business.

Next door is a vacant building. The burglar(s) got in by breaking in through the back door and then tunneling through a fire wall, and four layers of dry wall to get into "The Longest Yard," a fabric store.

The only thing missing from the store was about 15 to 20 dollars worth of coins, but replacing the hole in the wall is expected to cost considerably more.

The thieves then made their way to a third business, "The Berry Best". This time they were successful with the crow bar, breaking and messing up the store but again not leaving with much of anything.

Monday morning at "The Pharmacy Shop" on Southland the front glass door was smashed open, however nothing was taken after the door broke.

Police told the owners all the break-ins are likely related.

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