Toddler Laid to Rest As Grandmother Faces Indictment

A Laurel County grand jury was scheduled to hear the case against Linda Long on Monday. She is charged with reckless homicide for allegedly leaving her 2-year-old grandson, Madison, in a locked SUV.

The coroner says Madison died of hyperthermia.

Pastor Shawn Madden helped officiate the funeral Monday for 2-year-old Madison Nose.

“No one can explain this. No one can explain why bad things happen,” said Rev. Madden.

And what makes the situation even more difficult is that Madison’s own grandmother is accused in his death. Police say she left him in her car for 8 hours Friday, while she was at work.

“She’s a good lady. A Godly lady, and this was not something remotely intentional,” said Madden.

Long is out of jail on bond but she still faces the possibility of at least 10 years in prison. Madden says the death has stunned the Laurel county community.

“And we ask questions. How can you forget? How could you not think about that all day? And we don’t know the answer,” said Rev. Madden.

Madden is well acquainted with Madison’s father who he says he is numb over his son’s death. Madden says family described Madison as a typical, independent two year old.

“He wanted to do everything by himself: feed himself, put his clothes on. Just a happy baby,” Madden said.

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