Lexington Helps With Magoffin County Water Woes

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The lack of rain has created a big problem at one Kentucky County; it's running out of water.

We've been telling you for days about the dwindling supply in Magoffin County, now a Lexington company is stepping forward to help.

Kentucky American Water sent 1000 gallons of fresh drinking water to the community of Salyersville about one-hundred miles from Lexington.

"We are neighbors helping out neighbors, that's what we do in Kentucky," said Brian Wright with Kentucky American Water.

The water will be given to anyone who needs it and if more is needed, Kentucky American Water says it will continue shipping water until everyone has what they need.

Local officials and the Governor declared a water emergency for Magoffin County and asked residents to cut back on water use.

The city of Paintsville in Johnson County is also donating water as is the beer company Anheuser-Busch, which pledged 4,000 cases of drinking water.

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