Police Looking For Fake FBI Agent

Police are asking for your help in identifying a man posing as an FBI agent.

On Tuesday morning, police released pictures of the man cashing bogus checks at a Winchester business.

He seems to have all the answers and numerous forms of identification to make the clerks at the stores believe him.

He tells clerks he's an FBI agent, has a badge to prove it and is cashing bogus payroll checks from Mary Chiles Hospital in Mt. Sterling.

Twice last week, Winchester police say he cashed checks for 295 dollars at two different businesses.

Detectives say the checks look very real, have a bogus social security numbers on them and the name Robert Earl Logan.

Police say that's probably not his real name, but he has ID's showing it is, and his story about being an FBI agent seems to convince the clerks.

Police hope you recognize him, so they can put him in jail.

He'll not only face state charges for the bogus checks, but federal charges for posing as an FBI agent.

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