Gas Prices Remain High In Southern Kentucky

It's not been an easy year for drivers like Jason Brackett.

“With a truck like's hard to keep gas in it,” he says.

Brackett is among the many drivers in Pulaski County who are still paying more than $3 a gallon whereas drivers in other places are taking advantage of prices as much as 30 cents a gallon cheaper. It's $70 to fill up his truck that only gets 230 miles to a tank.

“You don't have as much money to do anything else. You can't afford to go out, afford much of anything. Worry about paying for gas,” said Brackett.

Some Somerset drivers say they were paying as much as 50 cents more a gallon more than other locations in recent days. Now it's much less...but the $3.09’s and the $3.12’s still aren't easy to swallow..when there's word of much better bargains to the north.

“Most of us have these old beaters (trucks) that don't get but 8 to 10 miles to the gallon. When you're on a fixed income, you can't make it,” said driver James Setser.

A Murpy Oil station appeared to have Tuesday’s bargain price of $3.03 a gallon.

But even that isn't enough to please many of these people.

“I don't think anybody likes it, but what can you do?” questioned Setser.

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