Police Use Infrared Technology To Search for Missing Woman

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For the second time police took to the sky to look for 65-year-old Patricia Last, who has been missing for several days.

Patricia Last was last reported to be at her Woodford County home Friday evening around midnight.

On Saturday friends went to check on her when she didn't answer her cell phone, and found she was missing.

They say her home was unlocked and her keys, cell phone, and credit cards were still inside.

On Sunday police flew over Last's 80-acre land looking for her, and searched the Kentucky River on Monday.

Today they continued their search, using 27 SKYFIRST and our thermal imaging technology to scan the area.

Police tell us they have several leads in this case that they are looking into, but right now the case is wide open. Although they consider it a missing persons case, they haven't ruled foul play out.

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