Horse Getting A Lot Of "Nays"

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A group of Central Kentucky neighbors is furious over their neighbors' horse.

The people who live in The Bluegrass Estates Subdivision in Danville says the horse belongs in a barnyard--not the suburbs. One resident is even going as far as to demand that city officials make their neighbors get rid of the animal.

But the miniature horse could be there to stay. The owners, Samuel and Crystal Elam, say they are well within city and state laws to have the horse. Code Enforcement and city officials agree. The only law on the books in Danville pertaining to horses, is an extremely outdated one. It says you can't hitch your horse to a telegraph pole.

City officials say they will consider updating the code pertaining to animals living in residential areas. But Commissioner Gail Louis says officials want to be careful in making the law, because many farmers raise animal within city limits. Commissioners do not want to inhibit anyone's livestock operation.

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