More Water Help Heads East

More help is on the way for people in a Kentucky community that's running low on water.

A tanker from Kentucky American Water left for Magoffin County on Wednesday morning, heading towards Salyersville.

A state of emergency is in place in Magoffin County. The Licking river, which is the main source of water, is running too low to use for the primary water source.

People there are being asked to cut back as much as possible on their water usage.

Kentucky American Water is helping alleviate the situation by sending trucks of water.

The 1400 gallon tanker is taken to the fire station in Salyersville where the fresh water is then distributed to people who need it.

Kentucky American says they will take as many trips as they need to, to keep people supplied.

Officials say it will take two to three inches of rain to bring the Licking River up to a level where it can be used once again as a primary water source.

In the meantime, water officials in Magoffin County are looking into several options, including bringing water in from Paintsville.

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