Police Release Video Of Violent Shoplifting Incident

It began when police say Daniel Binder took an $11 T-shirt without paying for it at the Corbin Wal-Mart.

“They were attempting to unlock the door, he turned, punched one of the staff in the face, struck another one, fought free of them," said Laurel Co. Deputy Sheriff Jason Back. “He ran through the store, knocking over displays, and pushing other customers, trying to evade capture.”

Police say the on-again, off- again struggle between loss prevention officers and Binder lasted several minutes before he broke free and ran out of the store, with employees close behind.

“He ran out the door, when people outside, saw him being chased by store staff, they helped subdue him until we arrived,” said Back.

Police say he told them he tried to steal the shirt because he just needed something to wear for his Saturday night plans.

“He said the reason he did it, he was staying with his girlfriend, he didn't have any other clothes, so he figured he would steal a shirt and take a shower at her house and be ready for Saturday night.”

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