Laurel County Veteran Receives Letter Stating He's Dead

It's almost Halloween and like many, Gary Ehrgott is decorating for the holiday. His neighbors have jokingly told him that maybe he should make a grave for himself in his fake graveyard!

He is a veteran who lives in Corbin.

“I said to my wife, how does it feel to be married to a dead man? She said what?,” he told 27 NEWSFIRST.

Ehrgott then showed her a letter, addressed to him, but intended to be read by family because of his death!

“I want to say it was a goof up on (pharmaceutical company) Community CCRx, but somebody goofed someplace and it's really causing me a headache,” said Ehrgott.

Ehrgott thinks the pharmaceutical company was informed by Medicare that he died. But the mix up means he's not getting his medicine or his disability checks on time.

“We couldn't pay the water, telephone, cable, and if it wasn't for the neighbors, we wouldn't be eating,” he said.

Ehrgott is concerned about his social security benefits and fears the cause of the mess could be identity theft.

“My social security number was my military service number and it has my military records on it. Now if they have that, that wipes everything out,” he said.

He's says he's been told he will get his benefits check next month, but Ehrgott says no one from the government or the pharmaceutical company can explain how the mix up occurred

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