Couple Found Burned In Van

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The bodies of a Jackson County couple were found in their burned van along Blackwater road near the Mummie Community.

Kentucky State Police say the victims have not been identified.

"They were burned beyond recognition," said Trooper Chris Lanham, with Kentucky State Police.

Trooper Lanham says troopers were called around 1:3 a.m. Sunday to a rural area of Jackson County.

There, firefighters found a van fully engulfed in flames. Once extinguished, investigators found the bodies of two adults, one man and one woman.

"At this time, it does not appear to be foul play, but just a tragic accident," Trooper Lanham said.

Police say the couple was living in the van which sat in the parking lot of Whickers Used Car lot, and it's believed a propane lantern they were using for heat, ignited, bursting into flames.

The owner of the business tells 27 NEWSFIRST the victims are his grandson and grandson's girlfriend, but asked us not to release their names until police can make a positive identification.

"The bodies are in Frankfort and we will be using dental records to identify them," said Trooper Lanham.

Police are using dental records to make positive identification.

Police say the couple died from smoke inhalation.

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