Missing Special Assistance Dog Found After Frantic Search

He came with his owner, for a competition at the Kentucky Horse Park this weekend.

But a specially trained German Shepherd proved to be a little too smart for his own good.

Packo sparked an all night search after he navigated his way out of a Lexington hotel.

His owner says the dog broke out of his travel carrier, and left a room at the Embassy Suites, while the owner was away.

Packo then went down a hallway, accessed an elevator, and walked out the front door, all while looking for his owner.

The dog somehow ended up in Georgetown, where a woman found him, and returned him to his owner.

Packo is said to be doing fine.

The dog received four years of special training to help those with disabilities. He's worth at least $50,000.

Packo's owner says the dog is trained to open doors, but wasn't sure he could use an elevator until now.

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