Parking Meters Changing In Downtown Lexington

You may have seen them pop up around Downtown Lexington, and they're changing the way you pay to park.

New meter pay stations are in five places right now. The solar-powered meters have been up and running for nearly a week now.

So far, they're getting mixed reviews. Some drivers say they like them, while others call them confusing.

To use the machines, you first have to select how much time you'll need at the meter. You insert cash or a credit card, then take your printed receipt from the bottom of the pay box. Finally, you'll place the receipt face-up on your dash.

Some drivers say they're disappointed time is running out on the old meters. City officials hope to replace all of the old meters downtown with the new machines by December.

Officials also say one advantage to the receipt is you can switch to another parking place downtown, as long as there is still time on your card.

If you don't pay, you could get a $15 ticket. The price will double if you don't pay the ticket after 10 days.

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