Crooks Targeting Elderly Women

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Police are investigating several home break-ins in Central Lexington. and it appears the thieves are targeting older women who live alone.

"They didn't only steal something from me, they stole my independence, I'm afraid now," said Sally Matson.

Matson, 71, is one of several victim's along Bryan avenue in Central Lexington who's homes were broken into over the last week. She believes the thieves were casing her home, just days before they hit.

"There were three men who came to my house, trying to sell me linoleum and they kept putting it between me and the man in the truck. So I couldn't see where he went," Matson said.

She believes the man went to the back of her home to scope the property out, while the other two were attempting to distract her by trying to sell her flooring she insisted from the beginning she had no need for.

"Then when the third man returned to the truck, the other two left my porch immediately and left in the truck," said Matson.

That was last Tuesday, the very next day, Matson had to be rushed to the hospital and didn't return home until Sunday. However her daughter went to the home last Friday only to find a large amount of cash was missing as well as her mother's prescription pills.

"That's when it all began to click," said Matson. "I knew from the beginning something just wasn't right about them."

Police are investigating her case as well as one more just down the street with similar circumstances, however no arrests have been made.

But it does appear, the thief or thieves are targeting elderly women who live alone.

"I just want to tell my story, so others are aware that this is happening and it could happen to them too," Matson said.

Other victim's tell NEWSFIRST thieves stole money, jewelry and other valuables from their homes.

Police are investigating the incidents which have been reported and are asking anyone with information to call them.

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