Governor Beshear Names Higher Education Task Force

Tuesday in Frankfort the governor unveiled a new plan to try and reduce the cost of college for Kentucky's students.

“It’s my belief that no person in this state with the drive and ability to succeed should be denied access to a college education because he or she can’t afford it,” Gov. Beshear said. “Yet because of cost, the door of opportunity is closed or beyond reach for too many of our children.”

The Higher Education Work Group will consist of 25 members and will issue two reports on reducing the cost of college expenses in Kentucky. The first is due in January of 2009 and the second in September of the same year.

The governor wants the group to focus on four main points: making college more affordable, making financial aid more accessible, making it easier to transfer from community or technical colleges to four-year institutions, and determining the roll the state should play in supporting higher education.

In a statement, the governor's office said the Higher Education Work Group will be co-chaired by business leaders Mira Ball of Lexington and Pete Mahurin of Bowling Green. The presidents of Kentucky's universities will also advise the council.

The governor says he is looking for bold and practical ideas to make higher education more accessible for all Kentuckians.

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