Police: Nephew Shot And Beat Uncle In Deadly Fight

A war of words between an uncle and his nephew over allegations of stolen prescription pills and money quickly turned to violent behavior.

“It was stated that Mr. Eversole struck Mr. Begley in the head with a glass ashtray,” KSP Det. Mark Allen testified in Tuesday’s preliminary hearing in Laurel District Court.

Police say Kenneth Begley had been staying with his uncle Ed Eversole when the murder happened Oct. 15.

“At this time, Mr. Begley grabbed a shotgun, that was laying there, shot Eversole twice with a shotgun,” said Det. Allen.

“We believe first shot was in the groin area, that was with the slugs.”

But police say perhaps the most deadly force was yet to come when Begley hit his uncle with the butt of the gun.

“It was stated that blow itself fractured Eversole's skull,” Det. Allen told prosecutors.

Police testified that Eversole was still struggling with Begley, despite suffering such a lethal attack.

The two carried their fight from inside the home...to outside.

“(He) held off Mr. Eversole while he retrieved, the 9 mm (pistol) from the vehicle and shot him one time with it,” said Det. Allen.

Police say Eversole's autopsy showed he died from combination of blunt force trauma and gunshot wounds.

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