Arrests Made In Elaborate Business Theft

Paris Police have arrested two suspects in an elaborate theft from an auto parts store. The arrests were made early Wednesday morning.

John Jones and Ricky Tipton are facing multiple felony charges in connection to several burglaries in the area, including the recent one at a KOI auto parts store.

The discovery was made Tuesday morning after police say the thieves broke into the KOI auto parts store, and stole a truck full of thousands of dollars worth of goods.

Police arrived to find a hole in the back of the business.

They say the thieves cut through the metal siding, then pushed through insulation and dry wall to get inside.

Once in the building, they cut the alarm, and began to load a KOI work truck parked in the garage connected to the store with stolen tools.

Police say a car followed the stolen truck somewhere to unload the merchandise. The empty truck was found about three miles from the business, parked in front of a horse farm.

Police say surveillance video helped lead them to the suspects, where they say the stolen truck followed by a white van.

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