Boyle County Store Owner Helps Police Stop Fake Check Scam

David Finley's encounters with one customer at Parksville Trading Post had become almost too much for his small business to handle.

"I've just been waiting for him to come back in, hoping that he would," said Finley.

Finley is talking about Timothy Preston, who he and police say had been successful in cashing fake money orders and checks that look remarkably real, but end up being bogus. Tuesday night, instead of cashing another check for more than $600, he called police.

"He hurt the store pretty bad, and there's no telling how many others he has hurt," said Finley.

Police arrested Preston. Others fled before deputies arrived but Tammy Gomez was eventually captured in Junction City.

"We found they were attempting to pass more money grams in this area last night," said Boyle County Deputy Sheriff Marty Elliot.

The investigation led police to a residence in Nicholasville where they found more than $160,000 in fake checks. But they say it's part of a crime that is linked to South Africa.

Police say the suspects told them the checks came from out of the country...and could be part of a scam where people are often victimized on the internet. But in Boyle County, police say small businesses have been scammed out of thousands.

"They (Preston and Gomez) won't work for a living. They want to defraud the common person trying to make a living," said Elliot.

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