KY Supreme Court Grants Killer's Death Wish

As it stands now, Marco Chapman will be executed on November 21st.
Something he's wanted since he admitted his guilt to killing two Kentucky children.

The children's grandfather, Gary Sharon, spoke out about the brutal murders back in April.

"It can not happen too fast for us, at least in our hearts we can feel something more than being distraught all the time and wondering what's going to happen," said Sharon.

His grandchildren, Cody and Chelbi were stabbed to death in their mother's home in Gallatin County in 2002. Their mother, Carolyn Marksberry was raped, stabbed and left for dead. Her oldest daughter Courtney also survived the attack.

Marco Chapman was quickly arrested for the murders. Since that time, he has openly admitted his guilt. Supreme court documents state Chapman wrote a letter to the trial court saying he is "willingly ready to accept the sentence of death because that is the only acceptable sentence for the crimes I have (committed) against the (Marksberrys) and humanity itself."

Chapman's attorneys called his request for a speedy execution suicide by court. So the issue was turned over to the Kentucky Supreme Court to answer the question of whether a defendant can enter a plea agreement to forgo a jury trial and volunteer to die.

The supreme court says yes he can.

"It's been a long time coming, because he deserves to die," Sharon says.

The governor's office says the governor does not need to sign a death warrant because the Kentucky Supreme Court has cleared the way for the execution.

The governor has instructed the corrections department to begin taking the necessary steps to prepare for a November 21st execution.

The last execution in Kentucky was in 1999 when Eddie Lee Harper was executed for killing his parents.

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