Mother Accused of Starving Twins Pleads Not Guilty

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She's accused of starving her children and not giving them the attention they need, but a Pulaski County woman says that's wrong.
She speaks only with 27 NEWSFIRST about the crime she claims she didn't commit.

Tricia Kimbler pleaded "not guilty" today to the charges she faces for allegedly starving her newborn twins.

The mother tells 27 NEWSFIRST the twins, Caydence and Calliope, were a gift she always wanted, but they came 2 1/2 months early and she says when they weren't growing she took them for help.

"You take your children in to see the doctor thinking you're doing the right thing and wanting to make sure you're protecting them and something like this happens," says Tricia Kimbler.

Tricia is now facing charges of criminal abuse toward her baby girls for allegedly not feeding them.

She was indicted last month. Her attorney says his client is innocent.

"What happened in this case is basically you have a doctor who is not experienced enough to know this was not abuse and there's lots of other medical reasons for children who don't thrive," says Mark Stanziano, Kimbler's attorney.

However, the Commonwealth disagrees and now everyone says they're just ready for the trial to eventually begin.

"The Commonwealth will present the facts as they are and we'll let a jury decide," says Jeremy Bartley, the Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney.

"A jury when it hears the proof in this case will acquit her. Not question in my mind!", says attorney Mark Stanziano.

"I'm missing valuable time with my children. It's crucial we get this rolling. I don't want to miss one more second in their lives.I've wanted them my whole life and now I'm losing that time," says Tricia Kimbler.

Tricia Kimbler will appear before a judge on December 22nd for a pretrial-conference hearing. That's when a trial date is expected to be set.

For now her two girls are in foster care. Kimbler says she is able to visit them once a week.

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