Couple Swears Their Child's Toy Swears

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It's intended to teach different languages to children, but one couple says the toy they gave their baby is spouting off some language that's foul.

The Discovery Sounds universal remote, made by Little Tikes, was bought at the London Wal-Mart. Now the couple is demanding the toy be taken off store shelves, because its too obscene for children and they swear, it swears.

"I heard it and said to my fiance, what did that sound like to you and she said, (it sounds like) the f-word," Paul Cavan said.

The remote plays three different languages, English, Spanish and French.

When you press the number five in French, it's suppose to say, Cinq, pronounced like 'sank' bu instead, it sounds like....

"the f-word, plain and simple," said Cavan. "Something has to be done about it and Wal-Mart needs to remove the toy from their shelves."

Cavan has contacted both representatives from Wal-Mart as well as the company Little Tikes, however he says, he's getting nowhere.

"They keep giving me the run around, pointing the finger and no one wants to take responsibility," he told 27NEWSFIRST.

When we contacted the London Wal-Mart, they told us, they will look into the matter, however they referred us to their corporate offices.

We also attempted to get comment from the toys maker, who told us our request for comment is being processed and a response could take up to 72 hours.

"I understand it could just be a mistake, but something needs to be done and the store needs to work with the toy maker to fix the problem," Cavan said.

He says he will not quit until this problem is resolved and he is weighing his legal options, as he awaits a response.

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