Lincoln Murder Suspects' Families Speak Out

Matthew Tolson pleaded guilty to complicity to commit murder in the deaths of Bo Upton and Ryan Shangraw. But Joseph Tolson said the plea doesn't mean his brother is actually guilty.

”If anything, that he did wrong, was fear for his life, because he didn't want to get murdered,” said Joseph Tolson. Tolson said his brother had no role in the gunfire that killed Upton and Shangraw and simply pleaded guilty to protect himself.

Tolson would have been sentenced Friday, but prosecutors requested a delay because of recent developments, such as the arrest of Neccolus Mundy. He and Charles E. Smith both pleaded innocent to the charges. Mundy's mother says her son didn't kill anyone, despite Mundy allegedly changing his appearance to avoid capture.

“I think he was just scared and stuff. I know my son is no murderer,” said Vertina Mundy.

Exactly which suspect did what and who fired the rounds that killed Upton and Shangraw in Shangraw's trailer 6 years ago is not being talked about by police or prosecutors.

“(When) each trial takes place, that then I will know exactly who killed my son. And that's what I need behind me, so bad,” said Sherry Moore, Bo Upton’s mother.

Prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty for 3 of the 5 suspects. Jamarkos Campbell is not eligible since he was a juvenile at the time of the shooting. When Tolson is sentenced, he could face 20 years in prison. Prosecutors say they plan to use his testimony against the other 4 co-defendants.

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