Halloween Prank Lands Man In Jail

A Kentucky man's Halloween prank has landed him in jail.

Paris police charged Joe Watkins with falsely reporting an incident.

Police say the man created a fake crime scene at his Main Street restaurant called the Chicken Ranch.

The man then set-up an employee to come in and find him lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Police say when the employee found Watkins on the floor, covered in blood, she ran out screaming and called police.

When police arrived they arrested and charged Watkins. Watkins says he never meant for the prank to go this far. Watkins says he tried to call the employee on her cell phone to tell her it was all a prank, but he says he couldn't reach her.

Watkins also tells us he called police and told them about the prank so they knew there was no crime, but they still later arrested him.

According to law, a person can be arrested if he or she causes a false alarm and emergency officials are called to the scene.

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