Police Find "Violent" Sex Offender In Southern Kentucky

Williamsburg Police Public Affairs Officer Shawn Jackson says he makes it a point to check on the city's senior citizens from time to time. On Saturday night, he felt a need to check on Woodie Sharp.

“There was a male subject pounding on her doorway, just knocking really loudly,” said Officer Jackson of what he saw.

Sharp says the man wanted to rent a trailer, but police say he and another man with him were drunk and high. But police soon learned a lot more about one of them.

“Heck, this is the fugitive what's wanted out of Ohio,” said Jackson.

Police in Southern Kentucky had been looking for Ronnie Rowe for nearly two weeks. Jackson says the convicted sex offender had not registered his whereabouts and he had violated his parole.

“He (Rowe) can be very aggressive. His profile is that he can be a very aggressive sex offender,” said Jackson.

“He could have come in here and killed me. Cause I'm crippled. I couldn't have seen who he was,” said Sharp, who also suffers from vision problems.

Police say they knew the man was dangerous, but they say what they found in his pockets was even more troubling.

“Some of them being nude photographs of women, some nude photos of women with vampire faces on,” said Jackson.

Police immediately called Ohio authorities, where both federal marshals and state police had a suspicion he was in southern Kentucky.

“They said he does have a violent nature. He kind of has an interest, or fetish for vampires,” Jackson said.

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