Man Shot By BB Gun Outside Haunted House

Police in Whitley County say two men armed with a BB gun were roaming the streets of Williamsburg shooting at several targets.

It was a church fund raiser a group out for some fun scares but not to get hurt; but that's exactly what happened Saturday night.

Police tell 27NEWSFIRST they had been looking for the two men responsible for several days because they had been doing these drive-by's all over town.

A church youth group enjoying a Halloween fund raiser at the Woodbine Haunted House they were just standing outside when police say a 1996 Ford F150 drove by.

The call went over the police scanner as a drive by shooting. Police say when the suspects opened fire people thought it was a 22 handgun.

It wouldn't be until moments later those standing outside would realize it was a BB gun.

One man standing outside the haunted house was hit by a bullet. Police tell us that man was wearing a thin coat and the bullet went through the coat and scraped a piece of skin which swelled up very badly.

Police say the victim was able to chase after the suspects and gave police a description of the truck the two were driving. Soon after police arrested 19 year old Phillip Sasser and 19 year old Adam Hayes.

Both men are now charged with second degree assault. But police say they plan to file more charges because the teenagers have been shooting the gun for the past several days at not only people, but homes and cars.

Police also say the men threw their gun out the window before they were arrested, but police later found it.

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