Turning On The Heat, Keeps Fire Departments Busy

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The falling temperatures are keeping local fire departments busy as people are beginning to turn on their heat.

"We are just getting a lot of calls about smoke odor and smoke as people are turning on their heaters for the first time in months," said Major Brent Frizzell with the Lexington Fire Department.

He says the smell comes from dust that collects in the heater while it sits unused for months. And people tend to believe their homes have caught fire.

Nearly all of the calls Monday for possible structure fires at homes and businesses were false alarms, Major Frizzell says they treat every call the same and are ready for the worst.

"We would rather people be over cautious and call us, then not call us, because it can quickly turn into a serious situation," said Major Frizzell.

He also recommends proper maintenance of your heating systems. If you have a fire place, it should be inspected and cleaned annually.

If you are a space-heater user, he recommends, you only use one when you are awake so you can keep and eye on it.

"Many of our calls during the colder months are a result of space heaters catching fire while people are sleeping and aren't aware of it," Major Frizzell said.

And lastly he says, before turning on your heating system for the first time you should make sure to put in a new furnace filter.

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