Operation "Fall Harvest" A Success

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A massive bust in seven Kentucky counties has landed dozens of suspected drug dealers behind bars.

48 people and 68 charges. That's what Kentucky State Police hoped to get during their 2-day Fall Harvest roundup.

"Charges include trafficking in marijuana, trafficking in cocaine, being a persistent felony offenders, and felons in possession of handguns", says Trooper Ron Turley, with Kentucky State Police.

The arrests come from an investigation that first began last July.

"The investigation started back in 2007 with undercover drug buys", says Trooper Turley.

On Monday authorities rounded up 15 people in Shelby and Spencer counties. They spent most of Tuesday searching Fayette, Franklin, Scott, Anderson, and Woodford counties looking for the rest of the names on their list.

Police say if they couldn't find who they were looking for in today's roundup, they'll continue to keep searching for them.

"The whole idea is to send a public message we are out there looking for people trafficking in drugs, who are making our roads and community unsafe, especially for kids", says Trooper Turley.

Sixteen of the 48 people sought by police are still on the run. Authorities say while looking for their suspects they also ran into other individuals involved in drugs or wanted by police, who they also arrested.

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