Robbery Suspect Out Of Jail Only Four Days Before Striking Again

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Lexington police need your help finding the man they say is behind the city's latest robbery, and a past victim says he saw this coming.

Police want to find 20-year-old Justin Sinclaire Thornton. They say he's the person who robbed the Thornton's gas station on South Broadway on Tuesday morning.

A man walked into the station armed with a sharp object. The clerk ended up getting cut during the course of the robbery.

Police say surveillance helped them identify Thornton.

Walter Carpenter says he knows the man responsible because the same man stabbed him 30 times in August.

Carpenter drives a cab and picked up Thornton. During the ride the 20- year-old reached up into the front seat put a knife to Carpenter's throat.

The two struggled for awhile resulting in the stabbing of the cab driver and the eventual arrest of Thornton.

However, he was released on probation on September 12th. Thornton was again arrested, this time for a probation violation, on September 26th.

He was released just four days before this latest robbery.

Now, Carpenter says this should be an example of why some people should remain behind bars.

If you have any information on Thornton's whereabouts, contact Lexington police.

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