Parents of Toddler Killed In Fire File Lawsuit

A heating pad is the center of a lawsuit from William and Lora Robinson of Corbin.

Fire officials say the fire that killed the couple's nearly 2-year-old son, McKinzie, was started by the heating pad that was left on a bed.

The lawsuit claims the pad was defective because it has an auto shut off mechanism that not only didn't work, it got so hot it set itself, the bed and eventually the Robinson's entire home on fire.

Attorneys say pad maker KAZ and Walmart have been sued at least 4 other times for similar fires.

Yet the same pad continues to be sold. Interestingly enough, the pad is only available on Walmart's web site, not in stores.

Attorneys say although the pad has been known to start other fires. This is the first time a death was involved.

The Robinsons are seeking various damages from both the maker of the pad and Walmart, including loss of parental consortium, medical and funeral expenses, and the loss of the ability to earn money.

27 NEWSFIRST tried to reach KAZ, the maker of the heating pad, but our calls were not returned.

A spokesperson for Walmart said they had not received a copy of lawsuit, but said, "the safety and security of our customers and associates is a top priority."

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