Trail of Terror Scary For Many Reasons

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The Trail of Terror is designed to scare anyone looking to pay $14 for a scare, but the city says it's time to pay the thousands owed to Lexington.

For years the trail of terror has been an event held at Jacobson Park, and other Lexington locations, in conjunction with the city.

This year the trail is on private property, and the city says it's for good reason.

According to Mayor Jim Newberry's office, the Louisville based company called Midnight Terror still owes $30,000 for using city property.

27 NEWSFIRST asked Jason Weber, the owner of Trail of Terror about the outstanding debt, he says that it is his prior business partner's problem.

Weber says this is his first year as the owner, and only uses the company name because it is recognizable.

Weber would not release the name of his former partner, and the mayor's office says the lawsuit is against Midnight Terror.

The city says it's city's law department is now handling the matter and pursuing the $30,000 it's still owed.

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