Suspect Shot By Police

Police say they were forced to fire after a man turned on an officer, stabbing him in the neck.

It all happened Thursday morning in the Martin community of Floyd County.

That's where police say a man with a knife attacked, forcing a city officer and state police trooper to shoot and kill him.

The Martin city police chief tells us this was not the first run in they've had with 38- year-old James Rederick, but it turned out to a fatal meeting.

Around 2:30 in the morning, police were called to the Petry Apartments in the city of Martin because the 38-year-old was throwing things at cars passing by and causing a disturbance.

Martin police Sergeant Brian Ratliffe was in the area and called state police trooper Isaac Whitaker for assistance.

They were forced to fire when Rederick tried to attack them.

James Rederick was taken to St. Joseph's Martin Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, Trooper Isaac Whitaker will be placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation, which is standard protocol.

Ratliffe was taken to the hospital, but was released.

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