Teacher Accused of Gay Bashing

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A West Jessamine High Schooler says she was ridiculed and humilated in front of her classmates, all because of her sexuality. She says the bullying didn't come from another student though, instead it was her teacher who she says was gay bashing.

Ashley Bressler says a substitute teacher kept calling her sir in class among other names referring to her as a man. An openly gay student, she believes his comments were more about her sexuality than appearance.

Shelly Sowell says she's been told by the school that the substitute teacher will no longer be allowed back to West Jessamine High, but she she says that's not enough.

West Jessamine High School Principal Ed Jones talked to 27 Newsfirst. Though he couldn't discuss the specifics, he says the situation was handled quickly and appropriately.

Bressler says she is now serving in-school suspension for calling the substitute names, cursing, and walking out of class following his remarks. Though admitting she was out of line, she says it's just the beginning of a long battle ahead.

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