Dattilo Case Ruled Homicide

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Four years after her disappearance, police now say an EKU student was killed.

Molly Dattilo went missing in the summer of 2004 while in Indiana taking summer classes.

Her family now tells 27 NEWSFIRST that police have ruled Dattilo's death a homicide.

"The first thing that came to us was its about time," reacted Ben Dattilo, Molly's cousin.

He says the big break in the case came in August when John Shelton was arrested on unrelated charges. Shelton has been a person of interest in Molly's disappearance throughout the investigation.

"Sometime around mid-August, we were informed he wanted to speak with investigators in Molly's case," he said.

Dattilo says Shelton offered up information about his missing cousin in exchange for a plea bargain.

"The harder they work, the more seriously this is taken, the better for us," Ben Datillo said.

In addition to Shelton's interviews with police detectives, the Dattilos have gotten more information from a Myspace account, dedicated to finding Molly.

"We got a letter from somebody, a random person, who knew everything. We thought, well, If this person knows something, somebody else out there must be talking," Ben Dattilo said.

Detectives have not said why Shelton was arrested in Indiana in August nor have they said what he is charged with.

There is still a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

If you have any information about Molly's case, you are asked to contact Detective Catherine Cummings at 317-327-3094.

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