Bed Bugs At The Polls

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For months residents at the Ballard Griffith Apartment towers have been living with bed bugs.

27 NEWSFIRST reported on the problem back in September.

Now with the towers becoming a polling place on Election Day, the Fayette County Clerk sent letters to those expected to vote at the site.

The letters say the library inside the apartment complex, where votes will be cast, has been sprayed with chemicals and the carpets have been steamed as a precaution.

It also says that no bed bugs have been found in the library, these steps are simply preventative.

27NEWSFIRST asked Don Blevins, the Fayette County Attorney, why the city is not moving the polling site to a different location.

He told us 200 of the 600 voters actually live at the Senior Apartment Center, and moving it would be a last resort.

Most of the people who received letters in the neighborhood think the city and the clerk are doing the right thing.

Those living with the bugs, however, can't help but wonder why the extermination is happening just for the election when they are living with the pests everyday.

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