Voting Myths: Don't Fall For It

There's a lot of rumors flying this election season, aimed at scaring you away from the polls.

But we did some research on the nastiest election lies out there so you won't fall for it.

Lie #1- You can't vote if you wear political paraphernalia.

Buttons, pins, and t-shirts are okay at the polls. But the Kentucky Attorney General's office says it might be a good idea to leave the pro-candidate accessories at home just to be safe.

Lie #2- You can be arrested at the polls if you have a warrant

The Fayette County Clerks office says you cannot be arrested going into, or leaving out of the polls. Everyone, even those with arrest warrants, is encouraged to vote.

Lie#3-You have to have a driver's license to vote

You can use a social security card, credit card, driver's license or any photo identification that includes your signature.

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