Hillary Clinton Stumps For Bruce Lunsford

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Senator Hillary Clinton and Bruce Lunsford made stops in Hazard and in Louisville today, taking shots at Senator Mitch McConnell's record and pushing voter turnout in these critical areas.

At a rally in Hazard Lunsford said, "The winds of change are coming out of the mountains in eastern Kentucky!"

It's a prediction Bruce Lunsford and Senator Hillary Clinton hope will edge out incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell in areas where Lunsford says he needs big leads on election night. Clinton made a last minute plea to supporters:

"For you to do everything you can to convince your friends, your neighbors, your family members to come out and vote on Tuesday as if their lives depended on it, because you know what? They do," Clinton said.

Clinton wasted no time attacking McConnell's voting record, saying "On virtually every issue, you will find him with the privileged and the powerful. It's high time you had a senator who fights as hard for Kentucky as you fight for yourselves, your families, and your future."

McConnell touted his influence as the Senate minority leader to voters in Somerset Saturday, saying Lunsford will gain more for himself than Kentucky.

McConnell said, "Under the constitution every senator has one vote, but every senator does not have equal influence."

Democrats are saying Mitch McConnell's influence is exactly the reason they do not want him back in office.

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