Horses Shot To Death In Laurel County

Harvey Johnson couldn't believe what he found in a pasture near his Laurel County home.

“They'd all been shot in the head, execution style,” said Johnson.

Johnson says his four horses, “Little Bit”, her unnamed 4 month old colt, “Fancy”, and “Mocha” had somehow gotten out of their fenced in area, at his home just off Ky. 472, wandered off, and were killed.

“Just because they were out, I guess. I don't know. All they had to do was make a phone call and I would go get them. But they didn't give me that chance,” says Johnson.

Laurel County sheriff Fred Yaden says he has a person of interest but no arrests have been made.

Johnson says the animals were pleasure horses, all named by his daughter.

“They meant a lot. My daughter she cried. That was her horse, “Fancy," the speckled one,” he said.

Johnson says he understands why someone would be upset over his horses getting out of their gate, but he says that's no reason to kill them.

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