Man Claims He Was Harassed While Waiting To Vote

Voters in southern Kentucky are waiting in long lines to cast their votes, but one man in Somerset claims his wait turned violent after someone hit him in line.

Now, police are investigating.

There are 4 precincts at the Somerset mall. Poll workers say there were people waiting in line even before the doors opened at 6.

It was very busy as some had to wait in line an hour. For others, it's only been about 20 to 30 minutes and some polling places were empty about 10:30.

Will Phelps says he was in line about 8:30 Tuesday morning when the voter behind him started shouting what political party he would be voting for. When Phelps turned around, that's when he says the trouble began.

"He said, 'what are you looking at?' I thought, 'what's this character doing?,'" Phelps said. "So when I turned back around, he hit me in the back and said, 'I'm talking to you." And then when I turned around another time, he said, "go ahead, swing at me, swing at me!'"

Police are investigating the incident as harassment.

The Pulaski County clerk says no other problems have occurred about noon.

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