Bus Stop Mishap Leaves Child's Mother Furious

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A mother searched frantically for her five year old son after he didn't return home on the school bus Wednesday.

But that mother's fear turned to outrage, after she says she learned the Woodford County School bus driver let her little boy off at the wrong stop.

Jonell Raglin says her five-year old son's school bus showed up at it's usual stop Wednesday afternoon, but when it left, her son was nowhere to be found.

"I couldn't find him anywere," Raglin said. She immediately began to panic. "I went through every emotion possible. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life."

Just before she called 911, she heard her son, Cory, screaming hysterically and when she looked up, she saw him walking down the street with a woman she didn't know.

"She told me the bus dropped my son off down the street at the daycare center," said Raglin.

The mystery woman was an employee from, Kidz Kingdom Daycare, where according to her, the bus driver thought it was ok to leave the boy in their care.

"When I spoke to her (the bus driver) she told me, a male employee said, 'I 'll take him'."

Raglin says a friend of Cory was able to tell daycare employees where the boy lived. But his mother says, that's not ok.

"How do you just leave someone's child with 'someone' they don't know? Just because they say, yes, I'll take him, doesn't give you the right to leave him there," Raglin went on to say.

According to Raglin ,the school district requires all students who are not dropped off at their usual locations must have a written note.

"I mean, nothing happened to my son, the people at the daycare took wonderful care of him, but what about next time? Or what if this happens to another child? Something has to be done, so it doesn't happen again," Raglin said.

Officials at the county bus garage told 27 NEWSFIRST they are aware of the situation, but had no immediate comment.

Raglin says she plans to meet with school officials on Thursday. She's going to be pushing for bus monitors on all buses where young children are present.

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