Elderly Woman Dies In Fire

Firefighters pull a woman from her burning home, but that heroic effort wasn't enough to save her.

The flames broke out early Thursday morning in Whitely City. That's in McCreary County.

Barbara Perry looked on in horror at what was happening across the street. Addy Bullock's home was on fire and it seemed to be burning the hottest where the 80-year-old woman slept.

Ironically, another neighbor had just checked on the handicapped woman, who lived alone.

"She had borrowed the keys to get in and check on her earlier and she (Bullock) was in the bedroom in bed. And she was one the phone talking to someone and she had a lot candles it," said Perry.

Perry called 911 and firefighters say they arrived within 6 minutes. Bullock was found in the living room, still alive.

"EMS arrived quickly and we did what we could until they arrived, basic CPR, ventilation, that kind of thing," said Whitley City Fire Chief Tony Miller.

An ambulance took Bullock to a Somerset hospital, but her critical nature required an air flight to UK in Lexington..where she died about 4:00 Thursday morning.

"The men acted well on the scene, doing their resuscitative efforts. She had a chance," said Miller.

Investigators do no suspect any foul play in the cause.

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