Billy Gillispie: Under the Microscope

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As the head coach of the U.K. men's basketball team, Billy Clyde Gillispie is the talk of the town with fans following his every move on and off the court. But in this revealing interview with Jennifer Nime Palumbo, the coach says he doesn't mind being in the spotlight. In fact, Gillispie calls it "an honor and a privilege."

Fans are fascinated with the coach's professional and personal life. He says he enjoys meeting the fans. If they're looking to catch a glimpse of Gillispie, they may find him at his neighborhood Kroger where his most common purchase is chips, salsa and cold drinks. Since he does not cook, he is also frequently spotted at his favorite Lexington restaurants.

Known as a tough guy on the sidelines, Billy Gillispie also has a softer side. He donated $10,000 to U.K.'s DanceBlue marathon to benefit the U.K. Pediatric Oncology Clinic. He says he didn't do it for the publicity, he did it because he wanted to help Kentucky children battling cancer.

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