Longest Stretch Of Warm Temperatures In Decades

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Temperatures across the bluegrass have reached or exceeded 70 degrees the last six days. This hasn't happened since November of 1977.

Meteorologist Todd Borek says, "Back in 1977, we had 6 consecutive days at 70 degrees and above. The following year in November of 1978, we had 5 days with 70 degrees and above temperatures. Both winters were the coldest winters in Kentucky history."

Long-range forecasts and the Farmer's Almanac seem to be drastically disagreeing on the predictions for this winter.

Keys Arnold, UK Staff Meteorologist, says, "The Climate Prediction Center is calling for above-normal temperatures this winter. The Farmer's Almanac is in complete contradiction. It calls for a frigid and snowy winter."

While temperatures have been nearly 15 degrees above normal this past week, they are expected to dip back below normal heading into this weekend.

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