Police Investigating Several Cases Of Car Vandalism

Police are investigating after several cars were vandalized Thursday night.

Police were called to the Ponderosa Trailer Park on the Fayette-Scott County line.

More than ten cars had their tires slashed. All of the cars were owned by Hispanics who live in the park.

Police are not saying much about their investigation, expect that the victims were targeted for a reason.

The Scott County Sheriff's Department is working with Fayette County authorities as well since the trailer park is located on the county line.

Employees at the trailer park say they think the crimes were random because they were spread throughout the neighborhood, which has about 500 mobile homes.

The neighborhood is now passing out letters in English and Spanish to residents, offering a 500 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest.

Police say if caught, the vandals will face criminal mischief charges.

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