Football Player Killed In Crash Laid To Rest

Minds haven't been on football much this week in Russell County.

“We've yet to practice,” says Lakers Coach Bill Sharp.

Instead hearts remain heavy.

“We've kind of put football on the back burner.”

That's because Luke Burton,17, died Tuesday after his truck ran off Bottom's road and slammed into a tree.

“He was just a super kid,” says Coach Sharp.

A gymnasium where banners hang high to remember accomplishments was transformed intoa place of mourning.

“We just felt it was the only place to give people of this community to come and pay respects,” said Coach Sharp.

Burton was a back up running back and linebacker on the Lakers football team.

“He had a heart of gold, just wasn't real big, wasn't real fast but he played hard and was a joy to have on this team.”

Burtons' teammates are having a hard time realizing #18 won't be playing anymore.

“And so when one is taken so early, they feel cheated, they feel Luke was cheated,” said Coach Sharp.

But there's comfort in tragedy.

“(He was a) good kid, good Christian kid. His faith is something that has helped us all get through this.”

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